We are you!

Leslie & Marc travelled the world and explored many different cultures. On their adventures they learned how important a holistic health approach is and that we all can learn from ancient techniques as well as plant medicine.
While taking part in different ceremonies, 1:1 sessions and spiritual events they developed a huge need for a calender with these special events to plan their trips and don’t miss an important retreat, Kirtan or cacao ceremony.
And this is how SoulPlace was born 🙂

Our goal!

SoulPlace started with a social media account bringing holistic health treatments closer to the peoples home. Meanwhile the design and developer team worked very hard to give you an incredible user experience and while we are respecting the community & culture.
This here is still our first page to show you what we have in mind and to make you curious of what’s coming and what to expect!
Stay tuned!

Big Plans

SoulPlace is just the beginning.
As soon as this platform is running we will invest into fix locations around the world where we can gather for mental wellness events & private sessions.
Like “Soho house” for spiritual people.

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